1. Set a Goal!

When you register, you can choose a fundraising goal.

2. Make it manageable!

If you want to raise $100, that's only 10 people giving $10 each. Remember, if you surpass your goal, you can always set a new one!

3. Encourage competition.

Prizes or perks for the top fundraiser will give your teammates added incentive.


  • Update your Facebook status with your goal and thank sponsors on their walls
  • Follow @AIDSWalkPhilly on Twitter and ask your followers to donate
  • Update your status/tweet HIV/AIDS stats.  This will encourage people to donate and help raise awareness!
  • Email your friends and family—for help getting started, check out our sample fundraising letter [link]
  • Add a link to your personal fundraising page in your E-Mail signature along with a personal message or HIV/AIDS statistic.
  • Use our sample tweets and Facebook posts to get the ball rolling! [sample tweets/facebook posts]

At School

  • Hold a bake sale or car wash
  • Penny Wars!  Some friendly competition between classes can raise a lot for your AIDS Walk Philly Team
  • Sell Red Ribbon bracelets to your classmates for $2 a piece

At Work

  • Check if your company participates in a Matching Gift program
  • "Denim Days"—Check with your boss first!  Charge people $5 to wear jeans on Fridays, or $20 for the week.
  • Set up a donation box on your desk—small donations can really add up!

Out and About

  • Get donations from local businesses and raffle them off to your sponsors
  • Organize a board game tournament—$5 to play, and the proceeds go towards your fundraising total
  • Cocktail Party—have friends over and show off your bartending skills.  Charge a cover fee and donate the proceeds to your fundraising total

Have more fundraising ideas?  We want to know!  Contact us at teams@aidswalkphilly.org, or on Facebook and Twitter.